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/// House at Santa Maria, Mallorca.

Carles Marquès Barceló i Toni Ferrari Gual, arquitectes.
Collaborators: Isabel Quirós Villegas and Jaume Ramis Mestre, Architects.
In progress 2022.

The project aims to provide a solution to the current way of living in the urban house between partitions. It’s a very common typology in the towns and cities of Mallorca. Originally, the houses occupied the entire side of the street and the access door was centered, having to cross the main spaces to reach the courtyard. New homes usually incorporate garages on the facade, causing a significant sacrifice of living space, wich is something we wanted to avoid.

The house is developed surrounding the backyard, towards which all the common spaces, kitchen, living room, study open directly. In this way we introduce the freshness of the garden into the interior spaces. On the other hand, we added a second patio at the entrance, attached to the partition, which has the function of lighting, ventilating and providing privacy. This outdoor place allows inhabitants to leave the bike, the car and put pots full of flowers. It makes the transition between the street and the interior of the house and becomes a place of enjoyment.

The bedrooms are located on the upper floor, overlooking the surrounding fields. The study on the ground floor is very versatile, allowing it to be used as a bedroom, playroom or living room.

We recover a large part of the pre-existing construction made of local stone marès, as another layer of time. We want to make it coexist with the new materials and textures, which are typical of the traditional architecture of the place plus the contemporary ones: ceramics, lime, wood, concrete, aluminum.

The entire design of the project is based on principles of sustainable architecture, recovering the existing building, optimizing solar orientation and ventilation. The materials are local and have a low environmental impact. It is planned to install active systems and integrated solar panels to achieve a passive house with almost zero consumption.



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