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/// CLT wood house in Port de Pollença, Mallorca.

Authors: Carles Marquès Barceló i Toni Ferrari Gual, architects.
Collaborators: Jaume Ramis Mestre, architect. Promoter: Private.
In progress, 2023.

This house between walls must be a built with almost no energy consumption, with a structure of CLT (Cross Laminated Timber) laminated wood panels and with a contained construction cost. A very low CO2 emission system that, together with the passive design, will make it possible to comply with these first premises.

It is located in the center of Port de Pollença, originally made up of narrow lots and houses with one or two floors. In recent decades it has entered a process of densification and vertical growth. The new building wants to find the balance between vertical growth and the domestic character of the original urban core.

The north facade, on the main access street to the center, is more urban and closed, following the traditional scheme of three openings per floor. In this way it helps to control heat loss, noise and privacy. To the south, just opposite, we have a facade towards the patio, with larger openings that allow the sun to catch in the winter. This skin opens, tipping the interior life of the house to the outside.

La necessitat de créixer en alçada demanava unes escales ben il·luminades i alegres. In this way, they comfortably connect the living-dining-kitchen-patio area on the ground floor with the study-workshop and roof with views of the last level. The interior space is maximized on a contained lot. For this reason, there is continuity between rooms, leaving the facades free and giving rise to more diaphanous, bright and open spaces. The roofs and exterior galleries are always understood as extensions of the interior rooms and at the same time they act as light and climate regulators.

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