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/// CLT Wood House in Marratxí, Mallorca

In collaboration with Enric Feliu, arquitecte. 2020.
Work in progress.

We like to explain this project not as a house with a garden but rather as a garden in which we make a wooden pavilion to live in. It develops quietly in two volumes among the future vegetation, leaving the Southwest facade open to the exterior space that is covered with a vine. That will provide shade in the summer, and let the sun come in the house during the cold months. In the west facade, the hackberrie trees will do the same function. The interior takes advantage of the slope of the roof to gain space, let get in the light, and see the sky. The structure of Cross-Laminated Timber panels (CLT) qualify the house and provide unbeatable thermal insulation. All construction is lightweight and dry built, made with recyclable materials and low environmental impact. CLT is insulating and eliminates any thermal bridging. The ventilation is done using a heat recovery unit, which optimizes the air conditioning and allows cooling on summer nights without consuming energy.

Casa CLT Mallorca