Architect Palma Mallorca Carles Marquès Barceló Architecture studio office

Architects office at Palma, Mallorca

Microestudi arquitectura is an office of architects in Palma, Mallorca. It is focused on a nearby architecture, committed to people, to the existant place, and the environment.

We approach to architecture from creativity and solve projects with the technical rigor that derives from extensive experience and solid training.

Our architecture and rehabilitation projects begin with a study of the site and its pre-existant elements. This allows us to recover the architectural, natural or landscape elements and enhance their value. In rehabilitation works, this is a fundamental attitude which permits to show the pass of time. For this reason, we consider it essential to know the local culture and construction techniques.

On the other hand, we look at architecture from a contemporary perspective, with a local viewpoint that allows us to work with nearby materials and resources. In this way we can promote a certain circularity and rationalisation in materials, and therefore achieve buildings with lower energy consumption in their manufacturing process. The environmental benefits end up enriching the final result, with the contribution of the textures and tones of Mallorca’s constructions.

As architects we establish as a matter of principle a team synergy with our clients, which extends to the network of collaborators. This helps us to push in the same direction throughout the whole process.

Our day-to-day work as architects includes new building projects of different scales and uses, both public and private. The refurbishment of heritage buildings is another field we work in, from housing to monument restoration. These rehabilitation projects often include functional and structural recovery and energy rehabilitation. Finally, our university teaching activity, specialising in the traditional construction and architecture of Mallorca, provides us with a source of learning and permanent creation that feeds back into both new construction and refurbishment projects.