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/// House in Cala SantanyĆ­

Starting from a ground floor only occupied by a forest of concrete pillars that supported the upper floor, this house is expanded to accommodate a new generation, mother, father and two children. It also serves as a permanent professional studio. Taking advantage of the external access staircase, which communicates with the upper street, we established a route that goes into the most intimate part of the house, discovering little by little the magnificent view of the sea filtered by the pines. Taking advantage of the interior unevenness, and adding a wooden terrace, the house connects with the pine forest and the rocks of the coast. The entire day area is open, including the study, so that you can work, cook and rest without losing sight of the sea. At the same time, the house allows you to run, jump and sit anywhere, producing spaces for meeting and being spontaneous. The light enters from all corners, at all hours, filtered through the tops of the pines. The materials are close, neutral and sober, seeking a timeless atmosphere that is easy to appropriate.