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/// Park and sports center in Almacelles, Lleida.

Concurs d’idees, finalistes, 2021.
Autors: Carles Marquès Barceló + Germán Bosch Domingo, arquitectes.
Promotor: Ajuntament d'Almacelles, Lleida.

The architectural competition called for the creation of a sports center and a large park that integrated sports activities.

The proposal seeks to recover part of the original forest that existed before it became agricultural land. Sports venues would be integrated into this green matrix, in an organic and ephemeral way, understanding that in a hundred or a thousand years only trees will remain.

The park can be understood as a succession of layers, land, paths and water rafts, low vegetation, and trees. Between the gaps we put paths, tracks and facilities.

The sports center is conceived as a bioclimatic shelter, a light and transparent clove that must host a basketball game, a fair or a concert, and that must be opened and understood as an extension of the park.

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