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/// House in the countryside at Porreres, Mallorca.

Authors: Carles Marquès Barceló and Toni Ferrari Gual, Architects.
Collaborators: Jaume Ramis Mestre, Architect.
Promoter: Private.
Architecture project in process, 2023.

The starting point of this house is a large plot in the countryside used for agriculture, like so many in Mallorca, populated with some fruit and almond trees. The three pieces that make up the house moved until they found the best possible place, as they were three moored boats. They focus the view towards the town of Porreres and the Serra de Tramuntana, towards the Serra de LLevant and towards the cultivated land itself.

The construction concept is based on exploiting to the maximum the simplest typology, so common in popular architecture outside the city in Mallorca: two master walls forming an elongated body with a sloping roof, like the one we find in agricultural buildings and animal stables, “sestadors” .

The exterior is well delimited in two parts: a domestic and garden area, between the house and the plant barrier that makes the partition, and an extensive agricultural area, which concentrates most of the surface of the plot.

The interior program is distributed with a larger body, where there is the living room, dining room and kitchen oriented towards the best views, and the service area and garage protecting the access to the house. An interstitial space acts as an access and connector to the night area, where the bedrooms look out towards the agricultural fields. The third bedroom of the house forms a transversal axis with the entrance, the dining room and the pool, and can be used as a study or living room during winter months.

Surrounding the house are different roofs and porches that allow you to use them in different situations of sun, shade, summer, winter, etc., causing a variety and a play of light that changes depending on the time of day and the time of year. the year.

The construction is planned with local neraby materials, to obtain a great complexity of use from the greatest constructive simplicity, and thought to be built by local companies and resources. The entire house is designed with passive criteria, controlling sunlight and promoting cross ventilation. Insulation, thermal inertia, purification systems and active energy capture and production systems will result in a self-sufficient, passive house with low environmental impact.


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Projecte arquitectura casa Porreres Mallorcaarquitectos casa mallorca porreres rusticoProjecte d'arquitectura de casa en sol rustic a Porreres, Mallorca