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/// Arquitectura, new construction.

Our office is in Palma, and this allows us to work throughout Mallorca.
We mainly do residential architecture, facilities and public space.

We design the buildings establishing a dialogue about the wishes of the people who will use or live in it and the possibilities of the place. We approach it as a very intense pooling of options where place, landscape, orientation, views, materials,sustainibility and economy, among others, come into play. Based on the wishes and needs of the promoters, different project options are developed, and are defined and detailed in each project phase:

  • First ideas.
  • Preliminary design.
  • Basic Project.
  • Execution project.
  • Construction management.
  • End of Works.

As architects, we pay special attention to the immediate surroundings of the building, the vegetation and the uses of water. This improves the atmosphere in all its aspects and enriches the interior and exterior spaces.

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Arquitectura, new construction.