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/// Youth House in Camp Redó, Palma.

European URBAN Spain Program Best Practices Award. In collaboration with Javier Gómez, Architect and with the Technical and Social teams of the Consorci de Rehabilitació Integral de Barris – Town Planning Department of the Palma City Council.

The project begins with the search for the best possible program of uses, the premises that were assigned to us, and the tight budget we had to work with.

The first decision was to demolish the entire rear enclosure wall and open up to the rear patio, where part of the old irrigation canal of the town and an ancient water mill was located, declared a Site of Cultural Interest. In this way we won a patio for the Casal and gave citizens access to the Islamic period water mill.

The new youth center has open-plan and flexible activity rooms, and two soundproofed music rehearsal rooms. Different joinery and partition elements were specifically designed to give a lot of flexibility of use and make the most of the limited space available.