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/// Son Busquets, a new eco-neighbourhood in Palma that integrates society, environment and mobility.

First prize ex-aequo in competition, 2019.

Convened by Joves Arquitectes de Mallorca and various citizen associations, the competition was aimed at transform Son Busquets into a modelic neighbourhood, and provoke the modification of the Urban Plan (PERI) that the Palma City Council was about to approve.

The proposal seeks to recover the 110,000 m² of the old Son Busquets barracks to build a new neighbourhood with more than 800 homes, facilities, public and tertiary spaces. It is done with criteria of sustainability, recovery of historic heritage and social integration. 21,000 m² of warehouses for equipment are rehabilitated, 26,000 m² of free spaces are recovered and created and 836 homes are built with criteria of low environmental impact. Likewise, the introduction of tertiary uses is foreseen to provide the neighbourhood with its own economic engines, and produce a complex urban fabric that brings together living spaces, services and workplaces.

In terms of mobility, the almost total restriction of road traffic is foreseen, making Son Busquets the first no car square in Palma, and guaranteeing an unprecedented environmental quality throughout the urban area of the city.

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