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/// Restoration of the Carreres old water mill.

In collaboration with Javier Gómez, Architect and Sechnical and Social teams of the Consorci de Rehabilitació Integral de Barris – Town Planning Department of the Palma City Council.

It is an old water mill of Islamic origin, already inventoried in the time of King Jaume I of Mallorca. Despite being declared as a monument, it was abandoned, closed within a block patio, and covered with vegetation. The conversion of the old neighborhood police station into a youth center allowed the creation of public access and use of the patio. A stone-by-stone plan survey was made, mapping pathologies and interventions, with the collaboration of archaeologists from the Consell de Mallorca and the Palma City Council, to carry out a respectful restoration, intervening to the minimum, and stopping the degradation processes.