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/// Rehabilitation of gardens and swimming pool in Son Rapinya, Palma.

Paisatgisme i plantació: Manuel Bueno.

A house from the beginning of the 20th century with 15,000 square meters of gardens that time threatened to become its own. Magnificent trees of all kinds, pines, cypresses, firs, wild olive trees, bushes, palm trees. Planters that follow curved paths, paths, traditional ceramic cups from the La Roqueta factory. Also a whole system of water collection and storage to irrigate this orchard. A vaulted cistern, an old waterwheel to propel the water to a reservoir. In short, a very lived and loved place, full of family stories that should be valued and treated properly.

The pool founded its place in a corner of the garden, between the parterre known in the family as the half moon and the old chicken coops. It has been surrounded by vegetation and palm trees. The materials are neutral, stone, local sandstone, concrete. The entire garden has been improved, cutting sick trees or trees in danger of falling, recovering paths, planting new flowering plants, aromatic plants and native trees such as hackberrie trees and olive trees.