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/// 100 Social housing units at Mollet, Barcelona.

Competition, finalists 2023.
Team: Carles Marquès Barceló i Germán Bosch Domingo + Isabel Quirós Villegas i Toni Ferrari Gual, architects.
Promoter: Institut Català del Sòl, Generalitat de Catalunya.

This proposal for architecture and social housing will achieve the best habitats so that each family shares their day to day in a friendly and safe environment, contributing also to Mollet collective public spaces, which act as a connector between the urban center, the Park and citizens. A balance where the qualities of the micro and macro spaces get enhanced; From the first decisions, sustainability, perspective of gender and accessibility are integrated.

It proposes a more rational and serial arrangement that allows optimizing the solar orientation, the ventilation and construction costs with the idea of achieving the maximum with the minimum, with a passive architecture which obtaines good quality spaces and at the same time improves urban landscape.

Thesse social housing units are doted with high quality interior spaces. The day live places to stay and cooked stablish the relation between both north and south facades. By the other hand, all the sleeping rooms are at the south facade, achieving the best solar orientetion and good views. Servant spaces such as bathrooms and kitchens face North and help provide more privacy. Each house has different outside spaces with sun and shade, which can be used all year round and expand and qualify the whole house.

The energy consumption is nearby zerol, with excellent solar orientation, insulation and efficent systems, combined with a rational and serial construction, which allows it to fit within the adjusted costs of social housing.

The urban environment has a green treatment and no vehicular traffic, safe, with spaces free of interaction and that favor the union between the parks and the center of Mollet.

The project has a comprehensive will, which meets the needs of each inhabitant, the city as a whole, and environmental impact reduction.


>>Germán Bosch



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