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/// High school at Munchen

Final project of the career, qualified with 10 with honours. ETSAB-UPC. Architecture School of Barcelona.

Located in front of the Isartor gate, which gave access to the city and next to a large park populated with large ash trees, the project aims to contribute content to the cultural axis that links the city with the museums island of Munich. The park is made to enter onto the platforms that make up the patios and accesses to the library, cafeteria and classrooms building. The ramps are creating an artificial topography that allows the informal meeting and leisure of the students. The corridors are eliminated to give space to forums, large classrooms with which to grow and diversify the teaching activity. A light Cross Laminated Timber structure (CLT) rests on another one of steel that delivers the building on the ground floors of concrete. Wood and double facades optimize passive thermal behavior. The air conditioning is solved with a geothermal system with low temperature diffusion. The orientation, facade design, and active systems give rise to Nearly Zero Energy Consumption Building.